Saturday, 21 November 2009

New Paintings on Display at Sandbar, Manchester

Brought to you in Technicolor presents a collection of paintings encompassing ponderings upon the state of things

The work intends to bombard the viewer with a hallucination like presentation of conflicting elements referenced from an extensive repertoire of sources; cross-cultural and cross-historical. This cohabitation of motifs provokes questions concerning our shifts in values

Paralleling the overload of conflicting issues within the subject, aesthetically the aim is to create conflict through use of colour, textures and the demonstration of the controlled or naturalistic gesture.

A sense of irony introduces itself through the chic palette, which endeavours to exploit Pop culture’s envelope of escapism, which is again referenced in the titles of the paintings.

From December through to February 2010, Brought to you in Technicolor will be an evolving body of work. The transitional nature of cultural anthropology discussed within the canvas will be magnified into physicality through the expansion of the work. Fragments of the paintings will be stepping off the canvas and embarking on a germination process. Thusly, the surrounding space is challenged as the painting travels and its growth continues to override the rules of the space.