Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Work in progressesss

Studio activity.

Work in progress, I am determined these paintings WILL be finished in the forseeable future.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

New studio panoramaaaah!

So this week I painted over the last of the evidence at my old studio and said my final farewells to its floorboards. I moved studio, made sure the kettle still worked, and set myself up for a new start. Though I am still working on the same paintings, it feels good to be in a new environment! Especially whilst it is this tidy...which it wont be for long...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Work in progress shots

A glimpse of what I'm up to at the moment. This month will see me move studio. I work best to a deadline, so I'm using the move as a catalyst to finish two works which I have been developing for quite some time. I'm not sure I'll reach this goal...

 Just checking I can still paint on a humble square.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Exhibition news, 2013, the first half.

I was honoured to show work in the Distort:Warp exhibition at PsMirabel gallery which opened 2nd May. Curated by Richard Ward, the show featured an eclectic group of artists whom all bend the boundaries of the 'original' within their practice.

More info at  http://psmirabel.co.uk/

 'Fever Dream', 2013, on show in Distort:Warp

 'What Made it Special, Made it Dangerous', 2013, on show in Distort:Warp

Malgras Naudet Gallery kicked summer off here in Manchester, with a brilliant Summer group show which will run until July.

More info here - http://malgrasnaudet.tumblr.com/about

'Your Flesh is Nice', 2013, on show At The Summer Show.

The Summer Show BYOB PICK-UP-PARTY (P-U-P).  Friday 28th June, 6 - 9pm [plus After Party @ Lionel Dobie Project]

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Upcoming exhibition..

Pleased to announce I will be exhibiting new paintings in the Distort:Warp show at Ps Mirabel gallery. Preview night Thursday 2nd May, 6-9pm.

Press Release -

4th May to 15th June 2013
Public Preview: Thursday 2nd May 5-9pm

PS Mirabel proudly presents DISTORT:WARP, a group exhibition of established and emerging contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums. We invite you to join us at the preview on Thursday 2nd May 5pm - 9pm, coinciding with the launch of exhibition #6 at Paper Gallery and Mirabel's open studio. Refreshments will be provided. DISTORT:WARP will continue until 15th June 2013 at PS Mirabel (open every Saturday 11-5pm).

As an exhibition,  DISTORT:WARP explores the artists alteration of the original through a variety of media and processes. The work covers ground from the abstract to the surreal via the
 hallucinogenic and psychedelic, each piece inviting the viewer into the new worlds that have been created. 


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Current happenings in my studio...

Made a fair few smaller paintings recently, which is always an interesting challenge for me. So, in light of thier completion, it sure feels good to go home to big painting.

There are 4 on the go at the moment. I am experimenting more and more with allowing the shape of the canvas to inform the content, and with the involvement of negative space coming into play around the canvas.

Works in progress...

 Precarious storage solutions foreverrr...


Friday, 22 February 2013


Lantern is an exhibition currently in Soup Kitchen, Manchester.

Lots of talented individuals involved in this one. My lantern is based on a Morroccan lamp of mine and also the design of a Cathedral I visited in Casablanca.

Details of my paintings can be seen through the papercut windows.

An alternative way of presenting my work and I love an excuse to get the craft knives out...

Friday, 1 February 2013


'Everythingism' was the title I gave to my exhibition at VaultNQ, Manchester recently. It is a term which acknowledges the broad collection of influences that feed into my work. 

I am keen to see my work displayed in different settings as I am concerned with how the space around the canvas affects the work, and vice versa. VaultNQ provided an aesthetically interesting backdrop to my paintings, between its tiled or wooden paneled walls. I also learnt how hard it is to drill through grouting/ceramic tiles.

 This was my helpful viewers guide to finding the titles for each piece.

Thank you again to all who came, glad you enjoyed xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Everythingism - An Exhibition of New Paintings (Poster)

So this Wednesday 30th Jan, an exhibition of my newest paintings will be held at VaultNQ.
Really excited to have these paintings on show, can't wait for you all to see. Everyone welcome! From 7pm onwards. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

WIP and studio shots

Working towards an exhibition at VaultNQ at the moment, which I'm calling Everythingism. Those familiar with my work know my inspiration comes from a broad spectrum and I like to put a collection of imagery, symbols, patterns together on the canvas and let them fight it out. The ethos behind my work is constantly developing however, and I've recently come across a little known Russian movement named Everythingism. The idea behind Everythingism was amalgamation of styles and periods, used in a piece of art at the same time, to blur their boundaries. I related to the ideas within this movement, so for now I'll call myself an Everythingist, and present my new paintings in relation to this.

Until the exhibition then, here are some studio shots and glimpses of works in progress.

See you at the show, Weds 30th Jan, 7pm xx