Tuesday, 15 January 2013

WIP and studio shots

Working towards an exhibition at VaultNQ at the moment, which I'm calling Everythingism. Those familiar with my work know my inspiration comes from a broad spectrum and I like to put a collection of imagery, symbols, patterns together on the canvas and let them fight it out. The ethos behind my work is constantly developing however, and I've recently come across a little known Russian movement named Everythingism. The idea behind Everythingism was amalgamation of styles and periods, used in a piece of art at the same time, to blur their boundaries. I related to the ideas within this movement, so for now I'll call myself an Everythingist, and present my new paintings in relation to this.

Until the exhibition then, here are some studio shots and glimpses of works in progress.

See you at the show, Weds 30th Jan, 7pm xx

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