Sunday, 13 July 2014

Something Like Now

I exhibited a new painting, For all the Grunge People and the Lovers in the Audience, at Manchester's Cardroom gallery.

"Something Like Now is the inaugural exhibition in Cardroom a new gallery that is moving in to the space in Crusader Mill previously occupied by Malgras|Naudet. Two curatorial committees run the space, each curating separate programmes from the same venue for a maximum of two years. For the first exhibition the members of each committee have been asked to invite an artist/curator to show work alongside them. Some obliged, some refused, some bent the rules. The exhibition has no further curatorial remit but instead functions to introduce the space and its committees to a wider community of artists. We thought about calling it something like “introducing” or “us” but nothing seemed to quite project the spirit we had hoped for. So in the end we settled so for
“Something Like Now”"

 For all the Grunge People and the Lovers in the Audience 2014. Oil, Acrylic, spraypaint, gloss on canvas. 210x230cm

 Exhibition shot with Rosanne Robertson during her performance piece at the PV

 Also on show, I enjoyed the work of (L-R) Jason Simpson, Hannah Brown and Ilona Kiss.

Show runs until 8th August

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